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Parents and teachers can help to develop a positive outlook, attitude, congenial and friendly learning atmosphere among the students against the declining ethical and moral values. The family being the first and the primary institution plays a fundamental role in providing basic values in nurturing the child to develop fully. It can guide the child in developing a positive outlook. The child can take in the affirmative stance and disallow the nonconstructive elements to seep in. Balancing with the above guidance the school being the second institution can play the harmonizing function in providing the right education which is moral abiding. It can also orient the student in selecting a suitable career. Pupil friendly atmosphere can be cultivated which will assist in budding of talents and result in emerging corruption free society.

A true futuristic democratic culture is the norm which necessitates in accommodating the good qualities offered to us by the media. The teacher plays a pivotal task in orienting the student towards it. A discerning approach on the part of management will indeed poise the learned scholar to meet the future challenges.

I am confident that my school is equipped with all the per-requisites to bring about golden era of enlightened citizens. May God help me and sanctify my endeavors in achieving my goal. The fact that wide exposure to media and the changing environmental scenario has raised the awareness and aspiration level of the present generation to infinite horizons, it becomes the responsibility of the educators in school and the elders at home to channel their energies in the right direction so that they are able to reap maximum benefit for themselves individually as well as for the society. Gone are the days when parents would be involved in making decisions for the children, which they would unquestioningly and submissively act upon. Students now categorically pursue what they want to, confident of their decision-making abilities. Parents are merely the providers of facilities.

Dr. Anuradha Mehta

Profile - Award Won by Dr. Anuradha Mehta, Principal


Ph.D, MA (Eco) (Edu), B.Ed, B.Com

Government :

1. CBSE Teacher Award 2015

2. Fit India School declared by Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports

3. Appreciation Certificate by Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs for organising Youth Parliament in the school

4. Special invitee at the Core Group for development of standard and grading of schools constituted by SCERT and gave valuable inputs.

5. Appreciation certificate from Minister of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India for commendable academic result in Board’s examination 2015

6. Recognition of “CBSE New Generation School” for the school

7. Delhi State Teachers’ Award 2013 from CM, Delhi

8. Appreciation certificates from D’te of Edu. 2013, for 1st position in south distt. in Youth Parliament competition

9. Appreciation certificate from D’te of Edu. 2013 & 2014 for sports and cultural programs

10. Remarkable Principal Award 2009 from Education Minister, GNCTD


1. Innovative Principal Award from Punjab Education minister Harjot Singh organized by EkUpdesh Media & CED

2. Certificate of Honour Savitribai Phule Samman 2022 & 2021by Indraprastha School Sahodaya& Delhi Sahodaya Schools Complex (felicitated by Mr. Himanshu Gupta, Director of Education

3. Certificate of Honour presented by Gandhi Samriti (An autonomous body of Culture Ministry, GOI) on 30th October, 2021

4. Influential Leader Award 2021by Global Talk Education Foundation

5. Most Qualified Principal of the Year Award by National School Award 2021

6. Educationist of the Year Award by Edu Advice

7. Visionary Education Leader Award by Asia Today by Asia Today

8. 50 Fabulous Innovative Leaders Award

9. Best Woman Principal of the Year Award by CISR Foundation

10. International Educator Award 2019 by CED Foundation

11. Leader in Excellent Academic Performance Award

12. Guru Drona Award by SRM University

13. National Teacher Award 2018 by CED Foundation

14. Leader for Change Awards 2018 By Project Education

15. RashtriyaShikshaRatan Award 2018 by MVLA Trust

16. Certificate of Honour by Shri Manoj Tiwari for Imparting valuable insights and inspirations to the students, staff members of the school to ensure excellent academic results for the school

17. Prominent Delhi Women Leaders Award by Delhi Study Group on International Women Day 2018

18. 100 Highly Effective Principals of 2016 by Alert Knowledge Services

19. Best in Ensuring Ongoing Teacher Enhancement Award by India Today

20. Meritorious Service Award by Rotary Club of New Delhi

21. 2015 Global Human Rights Protection Award by Indian Institute of Human Rights on the occasion of 16th World Human Rights Congress, presented by HE Dr. SabitSubasic, Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzeqovina

22. Eminent Women Leader Award by Delhi Study Group on International Women’s Day 2015 by Governor of Goa

23. Outstanding Teacher Award, 2010- sponsored by International Association of Lions Clubs.

24. Teacher’s State Award 2007 by CM - sponsored by Federation of Public Schools