Fit India Movement

Report on Fit India School Week Celebration - 2020

To encourage people to inculcate physical activity and sports in their everyday lives and daily routine, our Honourable Prime Minister launched nation-wide ‘Fit India Movement’ on 29th August,2019. To take this mission forward, Red Roses Public School, Saket, Gurugram celebrated ‘Fit India School Week’ from 1st December, 2020 till 10th December, 2020. In this event 440 members of Red Roses family including 403 students participated.

The objective of this movement is to alter the behaviour from ‘Passive Screen Time’ to ‘Active Field Time’ and to inspire students to adopt healthy lifestyle. In order to encourage active participation, a plethora of interesting and innovative activities were designed and executed for all grades by our faculty.

To begin with, a virtual assembly was conducted for all classes from Nur to XII, where students performed various free-hand exercises and were taught common yoga protocols. To add a flavour of fun in physical regime, students did various fun-filled physical exercises like aerobics, dance forms, rope skipping, hop-scotch, zig-zag and shuttle running etc. Furthermore, various virtual challenges like squats, step-up, spot jogging, ball dribbling etc. were given to students and teachers, where everybody put in their hard commitment to achieve them.

Fitness is not just about being physically fit but it relates with holistic development of a person. To create awareness about the importance of mental health, debates, symposium and online lectures on the topic ‘Re-strengthening of mind post pandemic’ for classes VIII to XI and ‘Diet and Nutrition during pandemic’ for class VI were organised. These activities helped the students to manage anxiety and stress developed due to ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and to feel rejuvenated post exercises.

To further enhance mental health, an open mic activity on the topic “Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do, not a punishment for what you ate” was held for the students of classes IX and X. The students of class VIII educated the youth of the nation regarding the importance of staying fit and healthy through the medium of letter writing activity on the topic “Power of Fitness”. These activities not only enabled them to express their views but also helped them to improve their communication skills and confidence.

Young minds are repository of talent and creativity. To unfold that hidden talent, a poster making competition on the theme ‘Hum Fit Toh India Fit’ for class V to VIII and a singing activity for classes I to VIII where students have to sing a ‘Fitness song’, were organised. These activities helped to boost the cognitive and emotional development of our students.

Senior students showcased their exotic talent in movie making activity on “Get fit, don’t quit”. Aditya of Class XI showed his ICT skills in animating the story line written by Vikalp Srivastava of Class XII. Further, Aditya (XI), Harsh Bansal (XII) and Lovish Kakkar (XII) by adding their impressive voice to the animation brought life to the story.

“The family is the first essential cell of human society.”

Hence to strengthen the RRPS family bond, certain activities relating to family fitness involving students and parents were conducted. They were encouraged to creatively use home-based equipment like home sack for juggling, aluminium foil to be used as ball, mosquito bat as badminton racket.

Students of class IV were encouraged to play brain games like chess, rubik’s cube to improve concentration and problem solving capacity. Last but not the least to analyse the understanding about fitness and importance of being fit and healthy, an online ‘Fit India Quiz’ was conducted for grade VII students.

Fit India School Week celebration thus helped to motivate RRPS family members to stay physically and mentally fit. The activity not only helped to bring excitement back into our student’s life during this pandemic but also helped in their overall development.

Refer the below link to view the compiled work of the FIT INDIA SCHOOL WEEK:

FIT INDIA WEEK, 14-19 DEC, 2020

“A Sound mind lies in a Sound body”

In an attempt to promote fitness among school children, this year the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) observes Fitness Week in the month of December as a part of Fit India Movement. The prime objective of the initiative is to keep the student motivated and rejuvenated during the testing times of COVID 19.

Our School observed the extensive six-day program aimed to address both physical and mental fitness needs of children.

Day 1, Dec 14

Virtual assembly was organized for the students where they were motivated to perform activities like free hand exercises, aerobics, rope skipping and dances.

Students enjoyed these activities and performed along with their teachers.

Day 2, Dec 15
  • Virtual assembly:- Various asanas of Yoga was performed by the students
  • Debate and lecture on “Re-strengthening of mind post pandemic” were organized for the students and a thorough discussion were held with the students.
Day 3
  • Poster making on ‘New India Fit India”
  • Advertisement on Hum Fit to India Fit Both the activities were organized for the students explaining the important of fitness especially in such challenging times.
Day 4
  • Lecture on diet and nutrition were given by the teachers in their classes stressing on the importance of nutrient rich diet and balanced diet.
Day 5
  • Online Quiz on Sports and Fitness
  • Virtual Challenge – squats challenge , dribbling challenge Assessment of the student’s knowledge regarding the sports and fitness was done through the online quiz and a fun virtual challenge activity was conducted for senior students where they were nominated by their sports teacher to fulfil the challenge.
Day 6

1 day dedicated to family fitness Students sent various pictures of them playing indoor games, doing yoga with their parents thus spending a day with their parents and siblings thus focusing on mental fitness as well.

Red Rose School Saket
Red Rose School Saket
Red Rose School Saket
Red Rose School Saket
Red Rose School Saket
Red Rose School Saket
Red Rose School Saket
Red Rose School Saket
Red Rose School Saket
Red Rose School Saket
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Red Rose School Saket
Red Rose School Saket
Red Rose School Saket

Activities Done under ‘Fit India Movement’

‘Fit India School Week’, in compliance with the “Fit India Movement” launched by our Hon’ble Prime Minister to enhance the level of fitness among students and teachers for better self-esteem and self-confidence, was celebrated at Red Roses Public School, Saket in November- December 2019.
Though Yoga, Aerobics, Dance (classical and western), Aerobics, Martial Art are a part of choice activities taken up by students and done weekly for an hour, assembly time was allotted to get the following activities done:

Yoga activity was conducted for students of classes III- VIII in two different batches under the guidance of trained Yoga Teacher Mr. Rohit.

Mass P.T. was conducted for all classes from III- XII by Sports Teacher Mrs. Suneeta Gussain.

Health & Wellness Club Incharge of the school Mrs. Aparna Singh gave a talk on importance of eating healthy and nutritious food and avoiding junk food. A video on ‘Balanced Diet‘ was shown to classes I-V. Poster making activity was held on the theme ‘Eat Healthy; Avoid Junk Food’.
Students of classes III-V prepared posters on ‘Fit Body-Fit Mind -Fit Environment’.

A few senior students from classes XI-XII gave a talk on how to stay physically and mentally fit and held an interactive session with the students of class XI .

A dance activity was undertaken for about 180 students by Dance teacher Mrs. Bidyutlata Mishra.

Students of classes V to X wrote poetry on ‘Fit India School’ theme. Some students also wrote ‘Rap’ and recited during assembly.

Activity Coordinator informed students about ‘Archery’ – traditional sport of Sikkim to comply with the ‘Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat’ requirement of introducing the game of partner state. A video on the same was also shown to the students of classes VI-VIII in their classes. A quiz was on the same was conducted to assess their understanding.