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THROUGH A NEW LENS-Rise above the Storm

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”
The Covid 19 pandemic has brought a lot of problems and sufferings in our lives. We daily saw cases of deaths due to Covid 19, lack of oxygen, beds, medicines etc. Most people lost their loved ones, many lost their jobs, many are not able to earn their living etc. All these problems and sufferings have ultimately led us to stress and mental issues. We all have developed a habit of living in a dark world, full of misery, difficulties, adversity, distress etc. But it’s time to come out of the dark and move towards the light. It’s time to become warriors, not worriers. Therefore, to do so, Interact Club of Red Roses Public School, Saket launched a new Project ‘Through a New Lens-Rise above the Storm’. This project aimed at bringing positivity in the life of our students and make them believe that out of the darkness comes the light. The club aimed at making them happy and remove boredom from their lives.

It was a three-day session, 1 hour each day and the sessions were conducted in Five batches i.e., Pre School, Pre-Primary, I-II, III-V and VI-VIII. Various activities were planned for the students according to their areas of interests. The activities were Quiz Breaker, Let’s Brainstorm, Scribble Corner, Virtual Scavenger Hunt, Story Time, Funniest Pose, Aaja Nachle, Superstar Interview, what will you do, Talent Unlocked, Emotional Management, Happiness Wheel, Fun with Shapes and Fancy Dress. The sessions were conducted from June 1-June 15 on Google Meet and Cisco WebEx. Students enjoyed the sessions a lot and it was evident from their happy and smiling faces, that we were successful in our project.

Red Rose School Saket
Red Rose School Saket
Red Rose School Saket
Red Rose School Saket


Red Rose School Saket

At this time of Covid-19 pandemic, everyone is facing a very harsh time due to the increasing number of deaths and active cases. This pandemic has been affecting everybody deeply. Some people have lost their jobs, loved ones, some are dealing with boredom and anxiety. So, to spread awareness regarding mental health, the Rotary Club of New Delhi organised a webinar on the topic ‘How to stay calm and cope up with Covid crisis’ on 6th May 2021. All the Interactors had attended the webinar. The webinar began with the national anthem. The spokesperson was Ms. Annie Baxi. She discussed about the present situation and the fear being faced by everyone. The main objectives of the meeting were - the fear, how to deal with it and how to cope up with the trauma. She focused on the relationship with the nature and to reconnect with everyone in order to distract our minds from all these stresses. She also mentioned about the Covid Bubble Concept, adopted by various countries and how it was helpful there. She also emphasised on the concept of living in present and forgetting about the past and future consciousness of one’s body. In between the webinar, she asked various questions to everyone.

At the end, a ghazal was also presented by one of her students Sania Javed, which brought hope in everyone’s life. There was also a doubt session at the end in which few people asked questions and queries regarding the topic which were answered by her. But the doubt session soon turned into a discussion where many of the participants shared their thoughts, feelings and experiences of life. The webinar ended with a positive note that one day everything will be fine and our lives will become normal again. It was a knowledgeable and an interesting session which was enjoyed by everyone.

Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Interact Club of Red Roses Public School, Saket celebrated the month of April as it is known as 'Prevention of Cruelty to Animals' Month, under the campaign Animal Welfare League. The club started the celebration by circulating video about the month and provided information on the History and Importance of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. To make this celebration successful, the club also provided a platform to the students to raise their voice in the form of various competitions named as 'Feed Me Right' for classes III-V, where students spoke on Right Food for Animals, 'Colours for Change' for classes VI-VIII, a Poster making competition on the topic Help the Animals and 'Heroes to the Rescue' for classes IX-XII, a Blog writing competition on Stop Animal Abuse. All the winners were awarded with E-Certificates. Students participated very passionately and made the celebration an ultimate success.

Red Rose School Saket
Red Rose School Saket


On 20th August, 2020, a new team of Interactors swore in, in the 'Aarambh' Installation Ceremony organized by Rotary Club of New Delhi and officially became the Board Members of Red Roses Interact Club. As said in the words of Henry Ford – “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” The team, led by Intr. Anagha Nambiar, President 2020-21 and Intr. Tanzil Shandilya, Secretary 2020-21, started the journey of serving the society, under the able guidance of our Principal ma’am, Dr. Anuradha Mehta, Mrs. Anshu Singh, Teacher Incharge of RRIC and Rotary Club of New Delhi.

The team successfully completed 7 projects in the whole session. The activities started from the month of August with a webinar on Cyberbullying. On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, Interactors presented an online skit ‘Gustakhee Maaf’ to salute the hardwork and spirit of our teachers in such a challenging time. Apart from this, the club also organzied an online program ‘Happy Hearts’ in collaboration with Karm Marg Charitable Society, to help the children of the NGO overcome the sadness and to make them happy. To aware everyone about Cyber Security, RRIC launched an awareness program named 'Virtual Defence Program' in the month of October as this month is celebrated worldwide as Cyber Security Awareness Month. The club initiated a donation drive ‘Box of Smile’ in the month of December wherein all the staff donated various items such as blankets, woollen clothes and things related to hygiene such as toothbrush, toothpaste, sanitizers, mask and soap. All these items were donated to Aarohan NGO, which is working for the wefare of underprivileged children. On the auspicious occasion of Diwali 2020, the club launched a campaign ‘Animal Welfare League’ to spread awareness and stop Animal Abuse. Under this campaign, videos, posters etc. were sent and various competitions were also organized. Last but not the least, to help children overcome boredom and in order to fulfil their life with happiness, an online program named ‘Through a New Lens’ was organized in the month of June for school students. Apart from this, interactors also attended various webinars organised by Rotary Club of New Delhi.

On 17th June, 2021, the club attended the virtual Partners Thanksgiving Program ‘Abhaar’ organized by Rotary Club of New Delhi, to thank each other for their support and guidance during such tough times. Mrs. Anshu Singh was awarded with the Distinguished Teacher’s Award for being a good and supportive Teacher Incharge and along with her, Intr. Anagha Nambiar was bestowed the President’s Award and Intr. Tanzil Shandilya was conferred the Secretary’s Award. With the Thanksgiving Ceremony, the tenure of the team ends. The club congratulates the whole team for doing such an astounding and stupendous work during this pandemic also. The club hopes that you all will continue to do such good work in the future also.

Road Safety

Red Roses made aware on Road Safety

Students of classes I to IX of Red Roses Public School, Saket participated in a number of activities under the slogan ‘Sadak Suraksha, Jeevan Raksha’ given by the Transport Authority, Govt. of Delhi in observance of “30th Road Safety Week -2019”.

A skit on traffic rules to be followed by pedestrians, motor-cyclists and other vehicles was presented effectively by the students of classes I & II. They specifically demonstrated not talking on mobile phone while driving; both driver and pillion rider wearing helmet; not playing on the roads and parking the vehicle in the space provided.

A quiz conducted in classes III to VIII reinforced students’ awareness on road safety measures. Stories on the same theme were written by students of class IX. Best three out of the 50 posters prepared by the budding artists of classes III to V were awarded certificates.

Red Rose School Saket

Interact Club of our school organised and awareness campaign on the international issue of Rohingya community of Myanmar under project ‘Save Humanity’ to sensitize them about ‘Being Human’ placards were displayed with messages about the plight of the community suffering discriminatory policy of their government Compelling hundreds of thousands of them to flee to Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Addressing the students, Club In-charge MS Dharitri Jena spoke about their facing restriction on education, employment marriage, religious choice, freedom of movement and being stateless. Inter-actors Priya Basin XIB, Samyak Srivastav XIB, and Aditya KumarIXC regarded the issue as crimes against humanity.

Red Rose School Saket

Interact club celebrated Awareness campaign on Drug and Chemical Abuse in the month of November 2017. In the first week of the month we started with showing video related to ill effects of Drugs to classes VIII-XII .On 17th November poster making and slogan writing competition was done in classes in VIII-XII in groups of 4-5 member each. Principal ma’am selected 3 best posters. One street play was performed by the students in the morning assembly on 30th November2017. This play was about wrong path taken by young generation and becoming drug addicts. Consequences of Drug addiction were shown through the play. This campaign was conducted to create awareness among students through various activities.

Interact and Eco Clubs of Red Roses Public School, Saket organized anti-cracker rally to create awareness for a pollution-free Diwali. With colourful bold banners and placards, Red Roses, accompanied by Headmaster N.S. Yadav, teachers and PTA members rallied in the surrounding areas of the school covering PVR complex, Saket Metro station and nearby colonies. The reverberation and harmonious echo of their catchy slogans attracted attention of the on-lookers as they marched enthusiastically to sensitise Delhi-ites to observe a noise free, pollution free, safe and green Diwali. The rally was flagged off by Mrs. Kisanwati, the newly-elected Councillor from Lado Sarai.

Red Rose School Saket
Red Rose School Saket
Red Rose School Saket

Interact Club, formed under the aegis of Rotary Club of New Delhi with the objective of undertaking philanthropic activities on a larger scale and developing the attitude of ‘Service before Self’ as envisaged in the Rotary motto conducted following noteworthy activities:

  • A sum of Rs.21000/- was donated on their visit to the Cancer ward at AIIMS being run and managed by Rotary Club of New Delhi. The amount was raised through voluntary contributions from students, teachers, support staff and the school’s Director.
  • The Interact members were shown three different machines that help cure different types of cancer. Advising the students not to indulge in any kind of drugs, alcohol or chewing of tobacco as a preventive measure, a representative of Rotary Club informed that more than one lakh patients get registered for treatment which results in waiting for months.
  • The Club demonstrated perfect example of philanthropy for the flood-stricken people in Uttrakhand by dispatching the basic requirement materials such as umbrellas, candles, woolens, clothes, blankets, ropes, water purifier tablets, basic medicines, dry ration-pulses, rice etc. through the NGO “Goonj”, besides a donation of Rs 82,030 collected from students, teachers and other staff members.
  • The members visited ‘Aarohan’ at Malviya Nagar to witness the effort being made by the NGO in educating the underprivileged children. Our students presented them stationery items and biscuits as a token of affection. In return, children at Aarohan gifted a beautiful handmade card as souvenir.
  • A Blood Donation Camp facilitated by Rotary Blood Bank of Tughlakabad which brought a state-of -art well-equipped dedicated bus with four qualified doctors in attendance was organized in the school premises. Conducted for the first time, the response of teachers and parents was beyond expectation. Principal Mrs. Anuradha Mehta led the donors with her personal example. As many as 78 units of blood were collected from healthy donors between 18 to 60 years of age. The Rotary Blood Bank termed it as a record collection from any school in Delhi so far. Encouraged by the response, the president of the Rotary Club of New Delhi Rtn. Surender Singh and the First Lady of the Rotary Club Rtn. (Dr.) Sangeeta Bansal visited the Camp and expressed gratitude to the management of the school for successfully organizing the Camp.

‘Interact Club’ members of our school also participated in an awareness generation rally in support of the ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ campaign. It was organized by the union Ministry of women and child development at Delhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research to sensitize the community about its importance. Streets of Pushp Vihar echoed with the slogan of ‘Save Daughter, Save Life’ as hundreds of students from other schools of Delhi also participated in the rally to voice their support for the cause.

The Interact Club members of different schools were invited to the annual Rotary Felicitation ceremony at Indian Habitat Center where they were acknowledged for their contribution.

Awards in the categories of Best Interactor, Presidential Leadership and Club Builder were presented to our school. Our club was also acknowledged for highest donation towards cancer patients and for donating clothes to Goonj.